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Jenn's Writing Path


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Family Photo Album

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My family... :)

From l to r, me, my little angel Chris and my husband Rob-otherwise known as Ryo Oki (it's a long story!)

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My little angel

This is my little angel Chris. He's six now. This is a picture of him in our front yard getting ready to go to his sixth birthday party (at a little race track which explains the outfit) last September.

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My other child...Tootles... :)

Our cat, Tootles, is seen here stuck up the tree in our front yard after running away from a stray dog that appeared out of nowhere :) Rob valiantly rescued her :)

Tootles is a big part of our family. I love her to death. Often when I am at the computer she's right on my lap. If we're outside and try to walk to the park, she'll follow us...she's like a little dog...but smarter... :)

I just finished writing a children's story called "Socks for Tootles" which my husband is illustrating. We hope to publish it next year.

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Dad and half-brother Nick

My Dad and half-brother Nick. Nick is eleven now :)


The gang at Chris' birthday party... :)