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Jenn's Writing Path
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Favorite Things

What do you like the most?  Fill in the form to the right.  Have fun :)


Writing as a Way of Healing  (Louise DeSalvo)...excellent book
The Art of Happiness  (words by the Dalai Lama)...very inspirational
Sorrow Mountain:  The Journey of a Tibetan Warrior Nun   (Ani Pachen and Adelaide Donnelley, with a forward by the Dalai Lama and preface by Richard Gere)...helps anyone to appreciate life...wonderful story...


Moulin Rouge soundtracks 1 & 2


Moulin Rouge

...Baz Luhrmann is a "Spectacular" film of the best...

Lord of the Rings can't not see these movies...

The Matrix

...a science fiction joyride...can't wait for the next installment...


...finally, a realistic fairytale!

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