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Jenn's Writing Path
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Jenn's Writing



Be Little
It Sets Me Free (my pantoum)
The Path or Reality? (twenty little poetry projects)
Sunday is for Escaping
I Wish I Could Tell You
It's Just a Disease
Dangerous Curiosity Is
My Raging Fears
Desperate Child

Writers note: please remember that I write for fun only...thanks :)

Be Little

I was on the phone today.
When I hung up, I cried.
"I'm too sensitive," I tell myself.
And thats what they say, too.
I feel everything on the inside.
I quickly wipe away tears and I stiffen,
Knowing that in life I should never give in.
With resolve, I try and think of all the good things about me
What they don't know, like my honest personality.
And then I feel sorry for them
Because I bet 
for them this world is ugly
and their worse will come yet.

It Sets Me Free (my pantoum)

Oh how I love Cape Cod (and its islands).
Oh how I love the sea.
If I had the time I'd go.
That's where I should really be.

Oh how I love the sea.
It calls to me each spring.
That's where I should really be
Inside, my heart, it sings.

It calls to me each spring
Disguised completely in the breeze.
Inside, my heart, it sings.
I know not of a bigger tease.

Disguised completely in the breeze
It calls me to its sun.
I know not of a bigger tease
And I'm not the only one.

It calls me to its sun.
All I feel is free.
I'm not the only one.
And that's all right with me.

That's where I should really be,
Where it's just the waves and me.
Oh how I love the sea-
Like nothing else, it sets me free.

Sunset along beach

The Path or Reality? (adapted from Twenty Little Poetry Projects...and no, for those of you who e-mailed and asked...this is not a true

1. Spring fever is in the air.
2. I've got it.
3. Early, I abandon my bike for a walk on the secluded path through the forest, the
Dampness of it cooling my skin. The crunching of the rustling leaves
Playing like music to my ears. I
See a little chipmunk scurry across the path in front of me. I
Drink the clear, pure water from the brook with my cupped hands.
Inhaling, I close my eyes and take in the fresh scents of spring.
4. Retreating from the seclusion of the dampness, I hop on my bike and slowly pedal away.
5. The memory of a forbidden adulterous kiss lingers in my mind from forever ago. On a company bowling night, in the dark, intense silence of his car, on the way to his house, in Ludlow, Massachusetts. This makes my skin flushed from head to toe and my mind weak despite the morning cold.
6. It wasnt really adulterous.
7. It was against the rules, our rules.
8. Brian though he was all that, and he was right.
9. We were both pretty and the most motivated at work, so he had to kiss me.
10. All the pretty little ponies never visited my door until then.
11. The forbidden thoughts of touch lingering like nervousness in our minds.
12. Thoughts as focused as a broken telescope.
13. My bike and I float in time like the Dolorian.
14. Jenn and Brian were there to watch the tape rewind.
15. Closure never comes for some.
16. Brian-so beautiful with his unlikely way about him.
17. I'd have to lose him, if I went to him, to ever want him again.
18. Mon coeur, mon amour. ..that ne sera jamais.
19. Come back to reality my porch offers as I slowly approach it.
20. Here I stand, contemplating the choice between reality and the path.

Scenic sunrise

Sunday is for Escaping

I open my eyes
Slowly. A smile
Escapes my lips. It's already light outside. I
Stroll to the kitchen.

Radio get turned on. The coffee is
Dripping in the pot. Time to
Relax, it's
Sunday. I
Don't have to look at the clock.

I can
Read. I can
Talk on the phone. I can go out to
Eat. I can go to the bathroom whenever I want or go back to

No Monday through Friday hassles today.
No same old routine.
No going insane from boredom.
No one but me.

I Wish I Could Tell You

I never knew love like this before you.
When my heart beats, it beats twice.
Once for me, then once for you.
When I close my eyes, on you my thoughts rely.
I wish I had another choice but to keep these thoughts inside.

I scream at you inside my head, if you only knew.
Please let these thought drift away,
I can't be in love with you.
I could never tell you how I feel,
Our lives just aren't the same.
If I did and you felt this way
I'd rather just spare you this pain.
All I can do is hope for some distraction to pull my heart away.
I've tried so many things, yet in the end, I feel the same.
If anything, the more I try not to love you, the more I do.
I hope these words aren't written across my face when I walk by you.

Tonight will be like every other night when I get home.
I'll go to sleep, then wake up to find that I am still alone.
I've promised myself now not to be sad because I see
You found love in someone else, even though it isn't me.


It's Just a Disease (inspired by a showing of A.I.D.S. quilts at Springfield College, MA~called The Names Project)

Hold my hand, I want to be free.
I want to escape all the pain I see.

Be with me. Take me away.
I can't live like this another day.

You understand, we're seeing it together.
Say you'll take me away forever.

I'm so lost I can hardly breathe.
Are you still here, are you beside me?

How did this happen to us so fast?
Why are they wearing those ugly masks?

Why can't they see it's just a disease?
Don't they know it's just you and me?

I'm afraid, I don't want to die.
Seeing you like this makes me cry.

Are you still there? I'm really scared.
I don't want to be alone out there


Dangerous Curiosity Is (inspired by Halloween in general)

Turning a corner
I didn't expect to see
An outstretched hand
Reaching out for me.
Closer and closer
With every step that I take
The hand disappears into the next room
Going unexplained.

For just a moment,
I let my fear subside.
The door creaks open
and I step carefully inside.
The blackness envelops me.
I strain to hear...
A low voice whispers,
"You have nothing to fear."

My heart in my throat,
I don't want to die.
"Who are you?" I say
and let out a cry.

The door clicks shut.
I think I'm trapped.
With eyes open to see
Nothing but black.

Trying to scream wouldn't help me more.
There's no chance of escape;
I've already gone through that door.
It hasn't spoken.
Minutes pass without a sound.
I think I'm losing my mind.
In this black I'm destined to drown.

Suddenly footsteps come slowly a-thumping across the floor.
I stagger back with a small scream...
My back hits the door.

The hand reaches up...
There's nothing I can say.
Coldly resting on my neck,
The hand,
I shake,
But I can't move away.
I can't speak...
I can't move...
Why be put through this horror-
What is it trying to prove?...

With newfound courage,
I reach for the door.
Careening backward from my other hand
He hits the hard black floor.
There's he can do, not to me.
I fling open the door and run, finally free.


My Raging Fears

Dark clouds outside my window.
The storm, it soon will come.
I sit inside, protected.
Retreating as the sun.

I could stand alone inside,
Crying out in vain.
But why "run and hide like a child," they say
"When all that falls is rain?"

Quick lightening and dark clouds
Smoothly run across the sky.
With it just beginning
I brave the storm alone tonight.

Standing out here in the open
With the violently pouring rain,
All my fears are washed aside
I am not afraid.

No matter what they said before,
I disagreed, somehow I knew.
It takes courage to stand alone and face the storm
With no one else beside you.

Now the dark clouds retreating,
The sun shining brighter than before,
I am not unprotected.
I finally faced the storm.


Desperate Child

I'm crying again, but you don't care.
My tears are falling and you pull my hair.
I clinch my fists, feeling that final blow.
Now I wake up later wondering, where'd you go?
I love you so much, why do I have to choose?
You keep making me confused.
I see you as the only one,
Someone who I can turn to and run.
But the more I depend on you,
The more you seem to put me through.
Help me please-help me decide,
Why do I always have to run and hide?